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Rebuilding Together Kansas City’s Safe At Home program

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Since this local nonprofit began in 2001, Rebuilding Together Kansas City has been repairing homes and rebuilding lives of disadvantaged families in the Kansas City area.  In 2007, RTKC developed a specialty program called Safe At Home which provides safety modifications for homeowners who want to improve accessibility, reduce falls and increase independence in their homes. Using a combination of volunteers and paid contractors RTKC also sponsors Rebuilding Day – a one-day rehabilitation blitz build eliminating sub-standard living conditions. All together over the past twenty years, RTKC has completed work on more than 1,000 homes with work valued at more than $3 Million using the labor of nearly 7,000 volunteers.

Says Clay McQuerry, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Kansas City, “Our Safe at Home program creates safer homes for seniors that reduces their risk of falling and keeps them from being forced to move into nursing homes.  Seniors want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, plus the state saves a lot of money not having to cover the tremendous costs of nursing homes.  Falling is the number one reason people have to go to nursing homes.  Nursing home care averages more than $59,000 per year per person. Our work costs on average $3,000 per home.  Seems like a no brainer to us the importance of supporting our services that allow seniors to age-in-place.”

One of McQuerry’s current goals is to have Missouri replicate what 38 other states have done and deem this retrofitting a Medicaid eligible expense.  It would require the Missouri State Legislature to make that change.  If you’re interested in joining Clay in his Missour-Medicaid quest he can be reached at:

Clay McQuery

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